What Are Smart Slide Doors And Windows?

What Are Smart Slide Doors And Windows?

Ordinary doors and windows appear to be a thing of the past. Sliding doors and windows have been the favoured choice as technology and times have changed. Smart-slide is the ideal uPVC sliding system to suit the expectations of the trending market due to its appearance and simplicity of operation.

What Is Smart Slide?

It combines the security of a tilt and turn window with the ease of use of a sliding mechanism. This enables smart-slide to make one of the most weather-resistant uPVC windows. The air tightness properly seals the doors and windows to manage interior temperature, keeping the area warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This feature also protects it from driving rains. As a result, it is the greatest alternative for usage as a patio door. Smart-air slide’s tightness also makes it the most effective in providing sound insulation when compared to other sliding systems on the market. The Smart Slide windows are airtight and have a double rubber seal, making them suitable for extreme wind zones.


Smart-slide, unlike other sliding systems that employ brushes, uses a rubber gasket to provide a smooth and effortless operation while opening and shutting doors and windows. It employs a unique locking system that allows the windows to self-close into the frame with a delicate action. The mechanism is unquestionably simple to lock and unlock. It is more secure than other sliding systems because of additional locking points that make it burglar resistant. Because the uPVC smart-slide can endure high-intensity winds, it is ideal for high-rise structures.

Another distinguishing feature of smart-slide is its low production time. It is available in double and triple glazing, as well as a variety of d├ęcor options. It may be constructed in very large dimensions of up to 5.8m x 2.4m and can accept glass panel thicknesses of up to 40 mm, depending on particular needs. Extra benefits include an all-around welded frame, a wide range of fittings, just one wing has to be built, glazing is done directly with a glass strip in the frame, and flushing to the inner floor with an additional profile is conceivable.

Eco Doors And Windows

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