Our New Showroom Under Construction

Our New Showroom Under Construction

Here at Eco Doors and Windows, we have been busy repurposing our old storage area to triple the size of our showroom! We have been building a realistic New Zealand Weatherboard house front with our uPVC Doors and Windows to help display our products in a more genuine environment!

Creating a showroom with a realistic New Zealand home environment can be a beneficial way to display our products and showcase the functionality and quality of our uPVC Windows and Doors. The idea came about when our team kept expanding and we outgrew our old tea room. Repurposing an unused storage area to have a modernised showroom allows us to display our range of Windows & Doors in a more efficient and unique way. Creating a replica New Zealand Weatherboard house was a fantastic idea by one of our staff members.

Sometimes it’s hard in a showroom to visualise what a product would look like in a natural environment so we’ve solved this issue. Our showroom should be finished in the next month or two so come and visit us to check it out for yourself!

If you’re in the market for new windows or doors make sure you check out Eco Doors and Windows. We have a large range of uPVC double-glazing designs for you to choose from no matter the functionality you’re after! Contact us today to learn more.

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