Testimonial Fiona

Testimonial – Fiona

Karori local Fiona was getting tired of her outdated windows. You could hear what the weather was doing outside, whether it was raining or windy and the curtains would move in the wind too. The windows were a colonial style that restricted the view so Fiona decided that it was well overdue an upgrade to double glazing.

After doing online research Fiona concluded to go with uPVC windows. They are extremely popular over in Europe and were a good fit for her home style. The team from Eco Doors and Windows came around and gave Fiona a free quote on every window separately. The process of installing the new double glazing only took a week, and no window was left exposed longer than a few hours.

In this video Eco Doors and Windows customer Fiona talks about:

  • How quick the process of upgrading to double glazing was, and the instant changes she’s noticed with the new windows.
  • How the team at Eco Doors and Windows made the process seamless for her.

“The changes were phenomenal; the kids could sleep at night without hearing the wind and the rain…. our house is extremely warm all the time”, Fiona says. She goes on to mention “I would definitely recommend you get Eco Doors and Windows around to do a quote, you don’t have to do the whole house, maybe just get a few windows done”.

If you think that uPVC windows and doors are the best option for you, please contact the Eco Windows and Doors team. Our experienced staff will help you with everything from product selection to installation and maintenance of your uPVC items, ensuring that you get the results you’ve always wanted from your glass and joinery. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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