Do I Have to Replace My uPVC Windows or Can I Repair Them?

Do I Have to Replace My uPVC Windows or Can I Repair Them?

Although it may appear that you need replacement windows or doors, you’d be astonished at how many problems we can fix instead of buying new ones. It is very uncommon to need repairs on your uPVC windows but this post will explain what issues can be fixed, rather than getting a replacement.


In double glazing, misted glass is a prevalent problem. When the seal fails, water leaks between the panes of glass, causing condensation and mineral deposits to form, giving the window an unattractive misted look. When your window becomes misted, you don’t have to replace it entirely. Instead, we may replace the glazing with new double panes to eliminate the misted appearance while also saving you money on a new frame.

Window With Cracked Or Broken Glass:

Because double glazing is made of toughened glass, cracks and shattered glass are uncommon. If you do sustain damage, we can repair the pane without having to remove the frame. If the frame has been damaged as well, we can typically fix it as well, saving you money on new ones. At the same time, we can apply a protective layer on the glass to assist prevent further damage.

Water Seeping In Through The Cracks In Your Window:

You’ll see moist spots appearing around the window sill and edges inside your home when the seal is applied to a window. If the leak is minor, we can usually patch the seal and prevent any further water from entering. If there is considerable water damage from a major leak, we may need to remove the window and replace it with a new frame to repair the damage.

Eco Doors And Windows:

Eco Doors & Windows can assist you with all uPVC door maintenance and cleaning concerns. We assist our clients in cleaning and caring for their frames and glass so that they may enjoy their high-performance doors for many years to come. Contact our helpful staff today if you are seeking a reliable uPVC door manufacturer and installer!

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