How To Maintain Your Double-Glazed uPVC Windows

How To Maintain Your Double-Glazed uPVC Windows

Double-glazed, uPVC windows and doors are excellent options for Wellington homes. 

Not only do they do a fantastic job of insulating the home against cool, windy winters, they are also highly durable even in New Zealand’s climate, and excellent noise blockers as well. 

Naturally, it’s best to maintain your uPVC windows and doors to give them as much longevity as possible, and keep them in top shape for years to come. 

Here’s how you can best maintain double-glazed, uPVC windows at home.

Maintaining uPVC frames 

Everything we offer at Eco Wellington uses uPVC, an advanced, practical, and highly durable material. 

uPVC frames are extremely low maintenance, so you will never have to worry about repainting them. Additionally, they will not rot or corrode, and they are designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh UV light.

To maintain your uPVC windows, you only need to give them an occasional wash with warm soapy water to remove any dirt.

Start by using an old but clean paintbrush to brush away any accumulated debris that’s caught in the frame, or use the nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to suck it out. Then go in with a cloth and warm soapy water and wipe away any dirt or dust from the frame. 

Use a dry cloth to dry any soap residue, and you’re done. 

Maintaining double-glazed glass 

Like any windows, it’s best to clean them regularly to keep them free from dust and dirt, and ensure your view is clear and unobstructed.  

Using a simple glass cleaner and a soft microfibre cloth, clean inside and out approximately once per season, or more often if the windows are facing a road or any area that’s extra dusty.

One tip to keep in mind is to avoid cleaning on hot, sunny days. If you clean while the sun is warm and shining through the glass, it can dry the cleaning products and water before you’re able to properly wipe the glass clean. That results in streaks and watermarks, so won’t look as clean as it would if you waited for an overcast day. 

Be sure to use a dry cloth to polish the glass to finish for the ultimate clean glass look. 

Check the locks

The locks on our uPVC doors and windows are extremely durable, but it is a good idea to check them occasionally in case of dust and grime. 

Go around your home and lock and unlock each one to check that the mechanism is still smooth and working well. If anything sticks, you can use a simple lock spray to get it back in good working order. 

Make the move to low-maintenance uPVC windows

If you have non-uPVC window frames but want to make the switch to a more low maintenance option, we can help. 

Our uPVC windows and doors are low maintenance, but also eco-friendly and practical, with excellent insulating and noise-proofing benefits. 

Get in touch with the friendly team at Eco Wellington to learn more about installing uPVC windows in your home or to get your free quote.


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