Timber vs uPVC Joinery

Timber vs uPVC Joinery

Have you decided to upgrade the windows in your home and enjoy the benefits of double glazing? You have already made a great start towards a healthy, energy-efficient and comfortable home. Now, the question is whether to get timber or uPVC joinery with your new glass. Eco Doors & Windows is here to explain the pros and cons of each method to help you select the ideal solution for your needs!


New timber windows with double glazing

When installing new double glazed windows, many opt for the traditional timber joinery that’s seen on many conventional homes across New Zealand.


Indeed timber joinery is an excellent way to maintain the character of the home. The house likely already had this type of window, so upgrading to new ones will not modify the exterior of your home, only give it a newer look with the freshly painted and installed timber. You won’t lose the character and style of your beloved home but will still enjoy the benefits of double glazed windows. This is a win-win situation for many, which means that they often don’t look at other methods.

A great benefit of new timber windows with double glazing is the insulation benefits they offer. Timber is an excellent insulator, ensuring that the cold air stays outside and the warm air inside during the winter. The downside of this type of joinery is that it doesn’t seal as well as uPVC options. Over time as the timber expands and contracts, draughts may develop, so make sure you keep this in mind when selecting this window option.

The biggest downside to timber windows is their high maintenance. They need to be assessed and looked after regularly to keep them looking and performing great. They can warp and rot quickly and can be expensive to replace if this occurs.  You will need to repaint them yearly to keep them looking fresh and act immediately if there are any signs of degradation to prevent further complications and expenses.


uPVC joinery with double glazing

A newer version on the market is uPVC joinery, which more and more people are leaning towards due to the many benefits it can offer and the different functions it can fulfil. uPVC joinery can be an excellent choice for many across the country!

Even though it offers a more modern look, uPVC joinery generally fits in with the character of most homes. Eco Doors & Windows can find you a design that aligns with what you are looking for with the wide range of colour options available at our store. Even though uPVC windows do not look exactly like timber, they offer an excellent alternative that does not steer too far away from your current design.

One of their benefits is their low maintenance. Unlike timber joinery, uPVC doesn’t warp or corrode. They only need to be cleaned and maintained a few times a year and never need to be repainted or changed due to degradation. If you are looking for a double glazed option that doesn’t require constant servicing, uPVC joinery is an excellent option.

These modern windows give the highest overall thermal performance of any joinery, ensuring that you get the most significant benefits from your double glazed windows. They are high performing insulators, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in, and extremely tight sealing, which prevents any breeze from coming into the home. These windows withstand environmental factors and maintain a warm, eco-efficient, and comfortable home wherever you live in the country!

The most significant downside of uPVC joinery is its thick profile, which means that you are likely to lose some light due to the smaller double glazed glass. Due to their high insulation and tight-sealing capabilities, they need a more comprehensive profile around the glass. However, because they can accommodate even the largest window sizes, this can mainly be an issue if you are fitting numerous small-sized windows in your home.


So which one should I get?

If you are looking for the highest thermal performance, then uPVC joinery will offer you the greatest benefits. However, timber windows can also provide better insulation than their modern counterparts. Consider the pros and cons of these types of joinery thoroughly and compare them with what your home needs. At Eco Doors & Windows, we can help you select the solution that may be the most beneficial for your home and install the windows effectively.

If you have any questions or would like to start your double glazing journey, get in touch with us today!

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