Stacking Sliding Doors

uPVC Doors

The Stacking Sliding door from Eco Doors and Windows can open wider than other traditional options. It allows for an excellent indoor-outdoor flow connecting the interior of your home to your garden or patio seamlessly. 


The stacking sliding doors are available in two configurations: one panel fixed and two panels sliding or all three panels sliding. These doors have a brush seal and are rated for up to a High wind zone. As many homes in Wellington are in a wind zone above High, a Smart Slide door may be a better option.


The multi-point locking system with at least five locking points of the Stacking sliding doors create a safe and secure home for all. They are also made from high-quality uPVC, the which gives them great insulation and soundproofing qualities keeping your home warm, dry, and quiet.


If you want to find out more information about the stacking sliding doors or are interested in our various uPVC door options, contact the Eco Doors & Windows team. We are experienced in providing the best solutions and can supply and install them across the Wellington region.

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