French Doors

uPVC Doors

French doors are a popular addition to many New Zealand homes and across the world. The classic doors offer an excellent option for spaces that need indoor-outdoor flow, including doors to patios and decks. 


Our French doors feature two panels which open out from the middle. One panel has a handle that allows for locking and unlocking, while the other side opens with a lever that’s tucked away when the doors are closed. Apart from the traditional symmetrical option, we also have assymetrical ones available, where one panel is larger than the other.


The uPVC French doors offer an energy-efficient option with their multi-point locking system and 100% airtight rubber seal. They also prevent cold air and unwanted visitors from accessing the home. The uPVC joinery also offers outstanding insulation and soundproofing qualities, providing your home with numerous benefits.


To get more information about our range of French doors and other uPVC joinery products, talk to the Eco Doors & Windows team. We would love to help you find the best solution for your home in the Wellington region!

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